The summer holidays!!! 6 weeks to finally relax, get your life back and not think about school!!! Sounds like absolute bliss!! But the truth is most of us have already started thinking about the results, and the preparations for next year and much more! But it is very important ensure to that you do switch off and take some time to get to know your family and friends again, as well as planning and taking action to help you go into the new year in the best way possible!

The end of term is simply exhausting! You try to get absolutely everything done before you break up as well as all the extra activities that are planned at this time of year!! So if you haven’t already, go on holiday – take a break from your normal routine, do what you need to get some calm and tranquillity back in your life!!

It normally around this time you start to think about school, with results days looming and reality starting to kick in! So here are some thoughts that may help you:

Take some time to REFLECT!

Don’t just jump in and start to think about your task list from the year before! Set some time aside to ask yourself a few questions and be specific:

Break it all down and think about it in sections;

Classroom Practice:

  • How did you feel about your teaching this year? What really went well? How do you know this went well? What is the evidence that you are basing this feeling on? How can you do more of this?
  • What could be improved?
  • How was your personal data management? Did you use it to inform your teaching? What were the barriers in doing this? What could you do to improve this?
  • What was your differentiation like? Did you provide alternative ways for students to learn? How did you support those struggling? How did you provide opportunities for risk taking, problem solving and developing student’s mind-sets?
  • What can be done to change this?

Your department:

  • What did your department do to showcase the good work of your subject area?
  • Was the environment that you taught in positive?
  • Were the department vision and goals clear to all?
  • Did you help and support your colleagues?
  • Did you learn from your colleagues?
  • Again think about what actions could be taken to improve?

You as a teacher:

  • Do you know what your students enjoyed and excelled at?
  • What was your work load like? (Or is that a silly question?)
  • What was your time management like?
  • What did you do to promote independent learning?
  • What was your classroom management like?
  • What was your CPD like? Is there areas that you want to improve in?

Once you have taken some time to reflect, think about one area that you want to or need to focus on and organise the other areas using a simple priority rating!

The one area that you choose to focus on – plan out how you will tackle it! How long will it take? What do you need to complete it? And what does success look like in this area? How will you measure this?

Everyone works in different ways to be their most productive but s


ome of us don’t really think about it! How is it that we can spend hours on a task and not complete what we want to? Distractions? Mind-set?

There is something that I have tried and has helped me greatly.Why don’t you try Pomodoro’s Technique? It is simply chunking your time up into 25mins of activity that is totally uninterrupted – no phones, emails or social media!! The link below gives you some more information:

Remember why you are doing the task (it is always ultimately for the students!), think about the benefits and the sense of achievement when you have finished! Remember to reward yourself when you have completed the task! Then look at your list and tackle the next thing!!

As simple as a lot of this may sound and you may do it with your students all the time – many of us forget that it is easy for us to get overwhelmed with a huge task list or to procrastinate about tasks we have to do!  And the next thing you know the holidays are over and we go into school thinking about everything you wanted to do!! With a sense of dread or state of fluster that exhausts us in the first few weeks!!

We hope you found this post useful and you enjoy the rest of your break !

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