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The innovative app and platform for teachers of practical subjects such as Design and Technology and Engineering.

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Award Winning Team

Kapture8 has been developed by design & technology educationalists with a wealth of classroom experience.

This award-winning team spotted a gap in the market, which would make the teaching of the subject, the learning of it, and the assessment of it so much more practical, organised and enjoyable.

CEO and Founder

Manjinder Sangha

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Chris Beer

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Kapture 8 Advisory Board

Dr David Barlex

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Richard Green

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Advisory Board

Gareth James

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Advisory Board

Professor Richard Kimbell

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The student needs to research what the product needs to involve. They need to explain clearly how the design has evolved, their inspirations, designs and thought processes throughout. They also need to demonstrate what market it will be for and where they see its future. The assignment should also cover current and projected costings, opportunities for expansion etc.


Receives the brief of the project which they can upload straight to K8 so that if they need to refer back to it they can do so easily with having to locate it, no need to retype or rewrite it. Anything they need help with, they can clarify via the app (in their chosen methods, or view the interactive help guides) – and the teacher can respond back.

They set about their task – interacting with the teacher, the company and perhaps other students, using Kapture 8 to record their progress through video, audio or there preferred way of working.

The student may need to produce written submissions, sketches, practical experimentation, prototyping, research notes and video content for evidence. All of these are submitted by the student, and it’s automatically collated into a timeline as they go along providing a showcase of the work which can also be edited and analysed on the platform.

The teacher monitors the work along the way – guiding, assessing and providing feedback when necessary. Other students may also be involved at certain specified points. This makes for a more organised and collaborative environment of work.

There are also no restrictions about on/offline uploads and submissions.

Completion of Work:

The work is now in a creative yet logical format evidencing clear steps as to how it reached completion. Taking the marker through personal journey of learning.

Submission of Work:

The work may then be submitted to the teacher, moderator or exam board as a link. No huge files to crash or locate !

Straight forward technology that makes things effortless!

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