Some thoughts from Leader in Design and Technology Education  Steven Parkinson FRSA –  Autodesk Expert Teacher, Director of Teach Design.

“Excitement about Kapture 8 is spreading across the countries Design and Technology community!”


This brand new cloud based platform is certainly an exciting arrival to education for anyone interested in digital learning. The streamlined graphical user interface allows for engaging interaction by students, without any unnecessary gimmicks.

I am hugely excited about Kapture 8 as it has been designed for the 21st century student. Kapture 8 encourages the use of digital technologies, using existing computer suits in schools and smart phone technology in student’s pocket as a catalyst for learning. Where coursework, controlled assessment or vocational learning is concerned, there has always been an obstacle of organisation, feedback and assessment. Whether its students losing entire portfolios, misplacing photographic evidence or wasting time from being disorganized, the process is never free from issues.

Recording, Marking and Assessment made easy !

Marking, assessment, feedback in education is currently in a dark place. Ensuring ‘dialogue’ between student and teachers involves multiple lessons, teachers taking work home and various different colored pens. By the time the feedback is received, it is certainly questionable how much impact has been lost. Kapture 8 ‘kaptures’ the moment learning takes place. Students can be working independently and receive ‘real-time’ and ‘live’ feedback so that improvement opportunities are not missed. Students receive feedback at the time it is relevant. The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), believes that the use of ‘digital technology’ and ‘feedback’ can add an additional 4 months and 8 months of progress to students learning. For me, Kapture 8 underpins these two areas of teaching and learning and a way fit for students of today’s technological world. Feedback is no longer just text, but ‘rich’ sound recordings that can be listened to over and over again on a computer station, or mobile phone.


In summary, Kapture 8 is aligning teaching and learning to digital world of young people who don’t know a world without technology. For them, paper based processes are counter-productive! For teachers, Kapture 8 reduces their workload whilst simultaneously improving the quality of feedback. This is an absolute must for Design and Technology teachers embracing the qualification changes on the horizon, and a real opportunity for teachers of any vocational or creative subject.