So people I haven’t blogged for a while – my apologies! Life as a teacher was busy at this period of coursework deadlines and marking but so is running your own business!! It is funny many teachers ask me ‘is it better than teaching – it must be great?’ and audiences from the wider context ‘wow you got out – bet your glad!’

To be honest both are challenging – in different ways! And there are days I miss teaching and others I think I love what I am doing – I suppose I am lucky I still get to have that connection with schools, student and help teachers … anyway enough about me !!! I have got stuff to tell you people about!!


AWARDS – that are different!

So I came across something really interesting the other day – as a business women I get invited to lots of cool stuff but at one such event I met a very interesting lady who later arranged a meeting with me and told me about ‘The Education Awards’.  Now we all like an award or two – because if not anything else it looks nice in the foyer of the school reception!

However these awards are different! The Education Awards are taking place at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in July – the aim is to celebrate contributions to education obviously but they are DIFFERENT! The ethos of the Education Awards is to connect industry with education, not just by supporting projects for pupils and their educational establishments from primary level to university but to provide opportunity for on the job learning as well as Apprenticeships. So you don’t only get a trophy but an opportunity to connect with industry and be involved in a project!

Get on the website and get nominating – it’s a fab opportunity to get some industry contact with some big partners


Grading 1- 9  – Is it grade 4 or 5 – What is a C ?

So you might have seen the hype around the 1-9 grading system and the grade 4/5 issues which caused a bit of a confusion and a lot of debate. So I won’t go on but the letter from Justine Greening clarifies a few things:

PROGRESSION – accountability that is shared!

Ok so many of you will know that I am the founder of Kapture8. Kapture8 is an online platform and mobile app that allows students to record the learning journey and build online portfolios all in one place! Accessible by teachers formative and summative assessment is made easy – not easy as in it’s another thing to do! Another software to learn how to use ! Easy in reality – less time – not repeating your marking or writing out comments from one sheet to another so you have a record and so does the student ! Progression can be monitored easily from lesson to lesson – the system identifies those who aren’t moving forward for you! The transparency created through using Kapture8 not only helps the student share the accountability but give them ownership and real responsibility of their work!


I have always been a doer not a talker so I am organising a webinar to go through a demo to show you how it can help you in your everyday lives! Feel free to join us !  Webinar will be in late April – watch our social media account for updates.

Sign up for a demo on Kapture8 and I will send you the details of how to join.

DATA – Aren’t you sick of hearing about it?  – NO – THIS IS IMPORTANT

So another event I went to was all about the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). I actually think it is things like this that sometimes get overlooked by schools. You do not have to be compliant until May 2018 but it is important that you are aware of the changes. The link below is very informative

If you need any more guidance it isn’t something we specialise in but we are happy to refer you to some of our associates who can help you and they do specialise in this area – get in touch on [email protected]