Changing your mind set about the results.

The truth is no matter how hard you tried, how many after school sessions you held, how many extracurricular activities you held to prepare your students – results week can be just as stressful and sleepless for teachers!!

We care – that is why we chose to be teachers but I never realised how much you can care until the night before my first results days. I really didn’t sleep and truthfully I knew I had done all I could but I was still anxious.

Why was that? – The pressure of everyone judging you? The league Tables? The SLT? For me, it was a combination of all them and ensuring my students got into the chosen universities. All these expectations, then helping to manage the day itself and celebrating results with students ….great memories with many tears and so exhausting!! But I learnt how to manage my anxieties about the whole situation by controlling my mind set!

You can never control the papers, the grade boundaries or the cohort of students etc. etc. so the only choice is to control your mind set! As sceptical as you maybe, it is not just a quote but you have to learn how to do this!!!

So let’s look at how this may help you….


We are going to think of this as a Build, Measure and Learn cycle (well an adaptation of it)


This is based on a product management process in business books but I find it applies to many things. Our build is preparing students for the examination or NEAs and taking them through their two years of study, our measure is the results we are going to be getting in a day or so and our learn is the same – what can we learn? This is an approach ingrained into teachers as we are taught to do this with every lesson but the reality is sometimes you need to get out the day to day and really look carefully!

I think as it is results day – we can start to use the data to Measure!

Look at the units of the course, where have your students done well? Where could there have been any improvement?

Where were these covered? Who taught them? How were they taught or delivered?

Look at the starting points of your students?

What can you learn from all this information?

Instead of seeing the results as something to be anxious about – USE THEM!! If they are great, Excellent!!!

Use them to showcase your department! The great work you are doing demands recognition!!

Think about:

  • How can you maintain and improve these?
  • How can the experience of the students become more enhanced?
  • How can you develop and push even further to engage with industry or different disciplines?
  • How many of your students are studying courses at University that related to your subject area?

If they weren’t what you expected consider:

  • Your starting points
  • Timetable
  • Staffing specialisms
  • Exam boards
  • Curriculum
  • Opportunities for enhancement
  • Management of assessment opportunities

I could go on but I won’t … the message I want to deliver in this blog is about your mind set. This is an opportunity! A fantastic opportunity to measure, learn and start to build. Remember you need to keep this cycle at the forefront of your mind! So don’t wait till next results day to learn again start building now! You have just learnt or will be learning over the next few weeks and there may be a lot or little to change or build however don’t forget to think about how to measure this in the short term!  (Assessment isn’t always formal) What does success look like for you? I think you will find that it most definitely isn’t always measured through results?

Something a wise man (James Powell) once said to me what do you need to See, Hear or feel to be successful? I use this every day to be better and grow every day!!

I hope you found this post useful ……until the next time Ciao! P.S Follow on social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram