For a united and flexible way of learning!
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The innovative app and platform for teachers of practical subjects such as Design and Technology and Engineering.

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Are you tired of students losing their work? Having generic portfolios that lack creativity which are increasingly difficult to mark?

Then you have come to the right place.

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Experiential Learning

  • Do you believe that  ‘learning through doing’ or ‘experiential learning’ is the most powerful way of learning?

  • Are you a secondary school, college or university that is looking for innovative ways to improve the experiences of your students and teachers?

  • Do you want your students to be engaged and autonomous learners?

  • Are you a secondary school or university that is using new and innovative ways to teach?

  • Do you use project-based learning and practical learning to enhance the learning and experience of others – or are you looking to?

Welcome to Kapture8

Kapture8 – the app and platform that’s set to revolutionise your world in many positive ways!

Current research proves that ‘doing’ something, (as opposed to just reading or hearing about it) actually produces better results and understanding.

It’s not about learning learning styles, it’s about making learning more meaningful in order to have a greater impact on students’ lives in order to prepare them for the future!

Maximise Opportunities

Kapture8 is the system set to maximise that opportunity, catering for both practical (‘hands-on) and experiential learning. There are numerous benefits for teachers and students, including:

  • Improved communications

  • More opportunities for collaborative working

  • The promotion of activity-led learning

  • The ability to organise portfolios and produce better work

  • The capability to embed ‘help’ documents within the process, to encourage students to learn creatively and independently

  • A large reduction in time spent marking and assessing

  • The capability to upload work in a variety of media, including video, audio and CAD files

Straight forward technology that makes things effortless!

Please take a look within our site to see how Kapture8 can be of benefit to your school, college or university.

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